Britannia Service Solutions’ Close protection and protective surveillance specialists add significant value to any security operation.

There can be many applications for our team of operators including the protection of assets as well as that of High Net Worth Individuals, monitoring and controlling VIP’s within high profile environments.

Britannia Service Solutions multi layered approach makes for a more robust and resilient security provision.

Dynamic risk assessment capabilities help identify any risk before it presents itself. Britannia Service Solutions’ Close protection operators will adapt this approach to each individual requirement. This can vary from monitoring in a covert capacity, led by intelligence gathered, and being ready to respond should a need arise, to that of providing a very visible high-profile presence; providing a combination of both strength and finesse.

The Britannia Service Solutions team add an invaluable additional layer of security within wider events teams, adding great strength to the incident response capability.

Whether customers require discreet asset protection for their valuables on the move or when they are to be displayed in a public forum, Britannia Service Solutions’ team are happy to assist.

Britannia Service Solutions offer a full range of enhanced security services including:

Personal protection

Protective /counter surveillance

Asset protection

Brand Ambassadors

High Profile Event Management

Enhanced Security presence